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Faubert Interiors

It was a simple decision to let the client’s beautiful work speak for itself. We needed to transfer the passion and quality of the client’s product into a functional website.

Technical Summary

The Faubert Interiors website is simple and fully responsive, built using Foundation 5, SASS, and jQuery Waypoints The user can discover new content with subtle animations triggered by waypoints and hover, or return to their previous selections.


Responsive site

Foundation's grid does a lot of the heavy lifting for responsive sites, but without a little help, it can look too templated and unnatural.

Not all sites are the same. The standard grid will not always serve a website’s best interest, particularly in the case of mobile devices. It was important in this project to find a template that showcased what really matters.

Triggered Animations


The scrollbar can be used as a timeline, executing animations when elements come into the viewport. Faubert Interiors uses waypoints to activate fades and navigation updates.

A subtle animation for the Faubert logo transforming into a "back to top" button was an unobtrusive way to provide functionality.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Otherwise, please browse some more projects.

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