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Intuit was a client with high demands, short deadlines and unique challenges.. The project required perfect organization and time management to cover multiple verticals and to keep track of the subtle brand elements of each product or service.

Technical Summary

All Intuit static and responsive e-mails were custom built in plain HTML and CSS and ran through an inliner at the very end. All emails were Litmus tested in over 30 different email clients on multiple operating systems and devices.

Responsive emails

Responsive E-mails

It was important for Intuit to stay ahead of the game, especially with mobile email clients on the rise. Each email provided its own unique solution for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The majority of emails were designed for the main desktop clientele and it was my job to create a user friendly mobile version.

Email samples

Quality & Quantity

Over the years of working with Intuit, there have been dozens of campaigns all with different verticals, equalling hundreds of emails.

The largest challenge with Intuit was maintaining our high standard of quality with the large volume of content.

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